Online Makeup Lessons now offered!  

Teens, brides and women 40 plus look no further…

Cut through all the hype and what  most women want is very basic.  They want to know which  makeup products they need, how to use them and when. 

What works for one person may not work for another so a cookie-cutter approach is not appropriate.  It’s this recognition and attention to detail that sets Vicki apart from the others and provides clients with a regimen unique to them.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in convenience when it comes to learning the correct makeup techniques then you’ve come to the right place!  

Vicki offers one-on-one private online makeup lessons taught over the web!  

Whether you’re based in Canada, the US or overseas you can now book your own private makeup lesson with Vicki and learn all the tips and techniques only a seasoned pro can teach you.

Find the makeup lesson below that is perfect for you!

Lesson 1:  Streamline Your Makeup Routine (a great option for those 40 plus!)

Lesson 2:  Brides Makeup Training Lesson 

Lesson 3:  Let’s Freshen Up Your Regular Makeup Routine with New Techniques

Lesson 4:  Custom Makeup Lesson (it’s all about you and what you need to learn!)

What will you need for your lesson?

  1. access to the internet through a desktop, laptop or tablet
  2. access to Skype (free to download)
  3. a webcam
  4. a mirror
  5. makeup to practice with

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