Ageless Beauty Makeup Tips for Mature Women

My aunt who is now 91 years old and still wears makeup on a regular basis told me years ago that aging isn’t for the faint of heart.  At the time I thought she was joking but as I age I’m really beginning to understand what she meant.

Over the years I’ve worked with women of all ages but it seems in the past couple of years my bookings have increased significantly with mature women.  I think the increase is down to 2 things.  First, our population is ageing so there are just more of us around now.  Secondly, we simply aren’t ageing the way we used to.  Women today have options when it comes to looking and feeling younger.  Dermal injections, regular spa visits, quality skin care and overall better health plays a big part in how women think and feel about growing older today.

I can’t tell you the number of women I meet who are in their prime and are terrified of makeup…

Women with mature skin aren’t sure what products to use or even how to apply makeup anymore.  Take it from a professional makeup artist who just celebrated a milestone birthday not that long ago, there are ways you can look beautiful, sexy and younger using makeup!  And the good news is, it doesn’t take that much effort.

Here are my 7 ageless beauty makeup tips that you can add into your everyday makeup routine and instantly see positive results.

Even Out Your Skin

With over a decade in the industry I can tell you, hand on heart, that almost every woman thinks her skin is much worse than it actually is.  In reality, most women have only a few areas on their face that need camouflaging.  The worst thing you can do as you age is cover up your skin with a heavy foundation.  To get the best, most youthful results, use a light foundation formulation such as BB or CC cream, tinted moisturizer or a tinted balm.

Apply a thin layer all over your face (avoiding the eyelid) to even your skin out.  Then add a tiny amount of concealer only to the areas that require a little more attention.  If you have oily skin lightly apply a setting powder all over your face using a fluffy powder brush.  If you have dry skin only powder lightly to the areas where you added concealer.  Your ultimate goal is to even your skin out and make sure your natural skin is still visible.

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Start Using Your Fingers More

This doesn’t mean you should toss your makeup brushes in the bin but it does mean that using the warmth of your fingers to apply liquids and creams will give you a softer more natural finish.  I often use the warmth of my fingers to melt foundations, blushes and eyeshadows onto my skin.  Quite often powdery products just sit on top of the skin while using your fingers to apply liquids and creams will ensure your makeup melts into your skin giving a far more natural and realistic finish.

Get Your Skin Glowing With Cream Blush

Here’s another tip you’re going to love.  Start using cream blush instead of powder blush.  I know many women find this concept a little intimidating but…

This one little change in your makeup routine can literally take 10 years off your face!Click To Tweet Smile into the mirror and pat the cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks.  Then blend using your fingers, working the colour up and out toward your temples. The key is to start off slowly, blend well and continue to build until you have a natural blush flush.  Finding the right colour for your skin tone isn’t as hard as you might think.  Fair skin looks great with pinks, dusty roses, peachy pinks and plum colours.  Medium toned skin looks great with soft berry and brighter pinks while olive skin looks gorgeous with bronze and rose shades.  Mature women with darker skin tones can pull off blushes with red, purple and orange undertones.

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Add a Wash of Colour With a Cream Eyeshadow

This really is the simpliest of tips and most cream eyeshadows on the market today are crease proof and long lasting.  Place some of the cream shadow onto your ring finger and then apply it to your eyelid, blending well.  Ta dah!  You now have a simple wash of colour on your eyelid that will last all day long.  When choosing the best cream eyeshadow colours for yourself, choose colours that will lighten and brighten your eyes.  For example, green eyes love mauves and pinks, while blue eyes look divine in golds, creams and soft browns.  Brown eyes look great with blues, soft browns, teals and pastel colours.

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Matte is King & Sheen is Queen

Just say no to high frost or metallic makeup products!  They will only make you look older, not younger, no matter what the lady behind the counter tells you.  A little sheen can be very pretty on mature eyes or on cheeks but remember that “sheen” is different than “glitter.” Glitter particles travel and they love to travel into fine lines and wrinkles making you look like a badly lit disco ball!  Let the 20 year olds have fun with the glitter and high frost products, you stick to matte and sheen finishes.  This means that Urban Decay frosty palette you bought needs to be replaced with a Tarte matte palette instead.

The Wand Makes The Mascara 

Do you want in on an industry beauty secret?  Most mascara’s in the retail market have the same components in them.  Cheap or expensive…it makes no difference.  What makes each one different is the brush.  I know…scary isn’t it?  Here’s a simple tip for choosing the best mascara for yourself.  If you have small short lashes, choose a mascara with a small wand.  If you have longer thicker lashes, choose a mascara with a larger or thicker wand.

One common problem women of a certain age have to deal with is watery eyes.  I personally deal with a watery left eye every winter. Those are the months I turn to waterproof mascara.  The rest of the year I stick with non-waterproof formulations as these are much easier to remove at night.

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Lip Pencils Are a Must

There is nothing worse than applying your lipstick only to discover an hour later that it’s travelled into your lines or worse, completely disappeared from your lips!  Women of a certain age will start to notice that their lip size changes.  Have you ever noticed that when you aren’t wearing any lip colour people start asking you if you’re feeling OK or if you’re tired?  As we age, lip colour becomes more important than it used to be in our youth.

Start by lining your lips using a soft neutral coloured lip pencil before you apply your lipstick.  Choose a colour that is as close to your natural lip shade as possible.  The waxy consistency of the pencil will help your lipstick from feathering outside your lip line.  When you fill your lips in with a pencil prior to adding lipstick you create a colour wash onto your lips that will help lock your lipstick in place.  After you’ve applied your lipstick, go over your lip line one more time with the pencil to make sure everything stays put!

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If you’re a woman who is 40 plus and are interested in learning more makeup tips and tricks, talk to me about setting up a private makeup lesson.

If you think this information has been useful let others know by sharing. 🙂