Toronto makeup lessons by Vicki Lea Millar

Start feeling confident everyday!

Vicki keeps her makeup lessons personal by ensuring each appointment is a private one on one session.  Just you and a top professional makeup artist teaching you exactly the type of techniques you want to learn.  From the busy executive to the stay at home mom Vicki’s lessons are known for being detailed, professional and most importantly fun. 

Choose from the variety of makeup lessons below and then get in touch to book your appointment today.  Vicki is always mobile so she will come to you directly.  

One on one comprehensive makeup teaching  

Customized personal lessons  

Vicki’s lessons are truly the best Toronto makeup lessons you will find anywhere!

the complete makeup lesson

This lesson is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.  From the basics of skin care and how to choose the right foundation to blending and contouring, we will tailor your lesson to you and you alone. At the end of this 3 hour private customized makeup lesson you will not only look and feel incredible but you will have a whole new level of knowledge that will assist you moving forward with your daily makeup routine.

Expect to receive:

  • a discussion on what type of makeup styles you would like to be taught and what is suitable for your skin type
  • a review of your current makeup bag
  • a 3 hour comprehensive makeup lesson and application
  • a detailed face chart so that you can recreate your look(s) over again
  • a list of retail and professional products that you can look into purchasing after your lesson that are suitable for your skin type and colouring (find out what the pro’s really use!)
  • hints on skin care suitable for your age range


It’s no secret that teens love makeup.  It’s so important that a young woman learns how to apply the right look suitable to her age.  So often a pre teen or teenager experiments with makeup, not realizing it’s a skill that needs to be learned just like any other skill acquired over her life. The earlier she understands the right techniques, the earlier she will have the confidence to grow into her own personal style.

In this 2 hour one on one teen makeup lesson we’ll cover the basics in makeup and skin care including proper skin hygiene and how to apply age appropriate makeup.

Before and after teen makeup lesson

Learn to apply a flawless face

Are you scared of wearing foundation?  There are so many out there to choose from!  Liquids, silicones, oil based, cream based, powder based…which one is right for you?  Do you want to learn how to achieve gorgeous flawless skin using the right products instead of spending money on all the wrong products?  If yes, then this lesson is for you!  During this 2 hour one on one session we will concentrate on skin only and which makeup products will best suit your skin type. After your lesson is complete you will have the knowledge and the know how to create perfect flawless skin using the right makeup and tools.

Are you looking for additional makeup or hairstyling lessons?

Vicki’s lessons are so popular they actually have their own website! Have a look by clicking the link below.

For 40+

Still wearing the same coloured eye liner and lipstick you have for years? Can’t understand why your makeup doesn’t look the same anymore?  Or have you just given up on makeup altogether because you feel nothing suits you anymore? If yes, book this lesson!  Every 5 years you should be updating the way you wear your makeup. Keep on top of this today so that you always look your best no matter what your age.  During this 2 hour personal makeup lesson we cover which skin care and makeup products are best suited to your skin type,  which colours and textures will work best for you and how to apply them so that you look not only polished and on trend but younger too!

* Note * This is a very popular Toronto makeup lesson and Vicki is known as an expert with 40+ skin.  If you want to learn the tips only a top pro knows book this makeup lesson today.

mature makeup lesson taught by Vicki Lea Millar

get your sexy back!

Sleep deprived?  Are those dark circles causing you to give up on makeup?  This lesson is for all you mom’s or soon to be mom’s out there that have forgotten how ‘sexy’ feels.  In this 2 hour enjoyable and educational lesson we cover how to return back to your sexy self with the help of skin care and makeup.  We’ll cover the importance of skin care while pregnant and after pregnancy and we’ll also focus on how to create a clean flawless day time look, including how to hide those dark circles in seconds so that you can always feel like the sexy mama you are!

all about the eyes

Planning a night out in Toronto?  Do you love a smokey eye but are afraid of looking like a racoon instead of a sexy goddess?  Love a winged liner but have no idea how to apply it?  If yes, this lesson is for you.  During our 2 hour makeup lesson we will cover eyes only – anything and everything you’ve always wanted to learn to make your baby blues (or greens or browns) pop!

All about the eyes by Vicki Lea Millar

Learn Advanced Techniques

This makeup lesson is for those who wear makeup regularly and are confident in applying their own makeup but are looking to increase their skill level by learning more advanced techniques.  During this 2½  hour makeup lesson we will focus on:

  • How to contour using various methods (cream, liquid, powder)
  • How to properly highlight for day and evening
  • How to use cream or liquid liner and how to ensure it stays put all day
  • The secrets of creating a fuller looking lip without using a lip liner
  • Pro secrets used in the industry for advertising, TV and editorial makeup looks

Pro lessons

Vicki offers custom packages to professional makeup artists.  Whether you’re experienced and wanting to upgrade your skills or new to the industry Vicki will help you move up to the next step of your career.