My 4 Bridal Updo Hair Predictions for 2017

It’s award season right now which I confess is my favourite time of year, second only to Christmas!  The 2 award shows I never miss each year are The Golden Globes which were on this past Sunday and The Oscars which are scheduled for February.  Watching Hollywood celebrities walk the red carpet gives me a yearly education that I really value.

While I’m jotting down notes and oohing and aahing over hair styles and makeup, I’m always thinking about the bridal season ahead

Award season is much more than glam and glitter for me although I won’t deny, I love the glam and glitter of award season. 🙂  These award shows really are the first glimpse into which hair and makeup trends tend to become very popular each year.  Many of my brides choose particular hair styles based on what they see on the red carpets.

Here are my 4 bridal updo hair style predictions for 2017 based on hairstyles from The Golden Globes.

bridal hair updo ideas for 2017

The High Bun

A perfect princess bride look?  I think yes!

I instantly fell in love with Lily Collins hair style.  Over the years I’ve had brides ask me for high buns but in most cases the bun was sleek and very structured.  What I love about this version of the high bun is the softness and relaxed feel it has.  The braid that intertwins into this updo makes the style very current and on trend yet classic in feel.  Simply elegant.  I just love those few wispy hairs surrounding her face too!

braided updos for 2017 brides

The Braided Updo

SJP, I always liked her even before Sex and the City became popular.  But let’s face it, that show really made her the fashionista she is today.  I was not a big fan of her dress at The Golden Globes this year (eek!) but I have to applaud her chosen hairstyle. It was gutsy and different.  A perfect updo for a 2017 bride who wants to make a statement! Sarah Jessica Parker claimed her mother wore a similiar hairstyle many years ago and this is what inspired her.  The fishtail braided updo she wore was achieved by adding hair extensions in and around her own hair to create a crown effect.  I realize this updo isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you look at the number of braids that were worn in updo’s at the Golden Globes this year…once again SJP is right on trend.

bridal hair style updo with braids

The Massive Bun

If you’re a bride wanting a low maintenance bridal updo (in other words, a hairstyle you won’t have think about all day long) then Olivia Culpo’s updo at the Golden Globes this year is a must have.  It’s true we’ve seen similar styles over the years – think Jessica Alba at the 2008 Oscars – but what makes Olivia’s style very 2017 is the size of the bun. Pieces (or hair rats as we call it in the industry) have been added to give the bun that extra volume.  I love the sleekness at the front of her hair and the softness within the bun itself.

This look will be a sure winner with my 2017 brides. 🙂Click To Tweet

jewels in the hair bridal updo ideas

Jewelled Hair

Picturing this bridal updo on yourself?  It a great idea for brides with long hair.

What can I say about Janelle Monae’s hairstyle other than “wow!”  Another high bun but with beautiful pearls placed throughout the style.  This is simplicity and class all into one updo.  I know without a doubt that my upcoming brides will also love this look and ask for jewels, beit pearls or rhinestones carefully placed throughout their hair style.  This is a gorgeous idea for a bride who loves romance.