The Bold Lip Trend: 8 Ways Any Bride Can Wear Bold Lip Shades and Look Amazing

Initially some brides shy away from bold lip shades fearing they will end up looking too ‘made up.’

It’s true that not every bride is meant to wear a bold lip colour but many are!  Sometimes a bride just needs a little encouragement and some practical ideas/tips on how to wear a bold lip.

This year the bold lip is back on trend.

And I couldn’t be happier!  Here are my secret tips, product and colour recommendations for 8 bold lip trends that will work on any bride.

Most women suit pink lipstick.Click To Tweet

Vibrant pink lips are a great idea for 2017 brides#1 Vibrant pink lips on fair skin tones

Pink lip shades are the rage this year and brides with fair skin can really finish off their bridal look by adding a bold pink lippy.  Whether you’re a blond, brunette or a red head, a bold pink lip shade can look incredible on and really give a feminine look to your makeup.  If you love that ‘blushing bride’ look, pink lips are the way to go.

My favourite bold lip shade for 2017 is NARS Audacious Lipstick in Michiyo


#2 Mix an eyeshadow pigment into your lipstick to achieve a bold effect

Makeup artists have been using this trick for years!  It’s a perfect solution for brides who are most comfortable wearing the same lip shade everyday but are looking for a bolder colour pop for the big day.  It’s easy to achieve and how bold you go is completely up to you!  Simply scrap a little of your lipstick from it’s tube and mix a small amount of eyeshadow pigment (you choose the colour) into your lipstick.  Voila!  You have just given your everyday lipstick the Va-Va-Voom effect!

#3 Bold red lips are fabulous on women of colour!

black brides suit bold red lips

Whether it’s a tomato red or a dark cherry red , black women can rock a red lip like nobody’s business! My tip:  On your wedding day, a beautiful red matte lip can really pop in pictures.  For brides who prefer minimal lipstick touch ups try lip finishes in matte or semi matte.  The more matte the lipstick the better the longevity.  For those who are looking for ‘maintenance free’ wedding lips, opt for lip stains instead of lipsticks.

#4 Clean minimal makeup with a bold lip colour

Want to make an impression?  Use minimal foundation and concealer and keep your eye shadow in neutral light tones then pop your lip with something bold and bright.  My tip:  This trendy makeup look best suits women with good skin and full lips.  Drama done the right way! 🙂

#5 Stain your lips with a wine colour lip shade

wine stained lip ideas for brides Thinking you may not be brave enough to wear a bold red lip?  Here’s a perfect solution for those brides who want a bolder lip colour but aren’t keen on red lipsticks.  Take a wine coloured lip pencil and line your lips. (I recommend Rimmel’s wine lip pencil)

Take the same lip pencil and smudge it all over your top and bottom lip making sure you concentrate most of the colour in the centre of your lips. Then take a small amount of a wine coloured lip stick (I love MAC Diva) and with your fingers buff the lip shade onto your lips until you get the desired depth of colour you like.  In the early 2003’s this technique was part of a trend called the ‘grudge look.’  In 2017 it’s called “wine stained lips.”

Bold sparkly lips for 2017 brides

#6 Change your day time bridal look to a more dramatic evening look by adding a little sparkle to your lips

After dinner, take your day look into an evening look by adding a finely milled shimmer eyeshadow and apply some to your lips.  Its simple and if done right can be a real show stopper!  Apply your lip stick as you normally would.  Then with your finger take a small amount of eyeshadow shimmer and place it onto your lips by dabbing gently until you get the desired effect you want.  I recommend Make Up For Ever’s Diamond Powders for a subtle but beautiful finish.

#7 Choose a bold gloss and turn some heads!bold lip gloss for brides wins!

Whether it's matte, semi matte or full on gloss every lip texture and finish are on trend this year!Click To Tweet My favourite lip gloss/glaze is from Face Atelier.  Add more than a little drama to your lips with these lip glosses that are packed with pigment!

#8 It’s not all about reds and pinks this year, bold orange lips are also on trend

olive skin tone looks great in kat von d studded lipstick in neon clementine

Got an olive skin tone?  Aren’t you the lucky one!  Forget reds and pinks!  Vibrant orange lip shades will look gorgeous on you! My kit fav?  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Neon Clementine.  Vibrant, bold, pigmented lip colour with a pearlized finish.  Looks great on many different skin tones but it’s killer gorgeous on olive skin!


Want to play with lip colours?  Give me a call and set up your bridal makeup trial today!