Asian Bridal ❤️ 4 Asian Bridal Looks That Turned Some Heads

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve shared a blog post with you.  Wedding season is well and fully upon me now so my time is definitely limited but today I thought I’d share some of my gorgeous Asian brides with you.

My brides this season have been so fantastic!  I’ve literally had one amazing bridal party after another.  I’m not just feeding you a line here either!  It’s truly been an amazingly blessed season so far and I am looking forward to a very busy summer and fall season too. 🙂

I do love my Asian brides.  Chinese brides are among some of my favourite.  I love the tradition and elegance of a Chinese wedding.  The day normally starts very early with me and my team often arriving before the break of dawn.  Most Chinese brides need everyone ready by 8:00 or 9:00 am the morning and there are always a number of services to get through.  At some point during the wedding day there is a tea ceremony that takes place.  It’s either early in the morning after the hair and makeup have been completed or before/after photos have been taken.  Sometimes the tea ceremony isn’t until the afternoon but it will be before the reception begins.

At the tea ceremony the bride will normally wear a traditional red and gold silk gown.  The brides hair is often put into a formal updo.  The tea ceremony is a time to show respect for the family. Once the tea ceremony is over and some photos have been taken the bride will normally change into a bridal gown.   At that time a new hair and makeup look is often required and I am asked to return back to the brides venue or home to provide her with that new look.

If it sounds like a long day then you’d be right!  It is but these ladies are troopers!  I often arrive for the second look and find the bride full of excitement and energy.  Here are 4 different yet classic Asian bridal looks that definitely turned some heads!

The Natural ‘Make Me Look Like The Best Version of Myself ‘ Bride Christina With an Elegant Updo

Wedding makeup and hair for asian bride in downtown Toronto

My Dramatic ‘Make me Look Hot’ Bride Joey With a Modern Stylish Updo

My Stunning Chinese Bride Melanie Who Asked For a Classic Bridal Makeup Look

Classic Chinese wedding makeup

The Sweet Korean Bride Tran Who Requested a Clean Makeup Look With a Pop of Colour With a Side Ponytail

Korean bridal hair and makeup in toronto

I’d love to hear from you.  If you’re an Asian bride looking for hair and makeup or even some simple advice for your big day, get in touch!