Airbrush makeup artist Vicki Lea in Toronto and GTA

What is Airbrush Makeup Application?

Foundation is applied using an airbrush powered by a small compressor. It gives flawless, clean, water and sweat resistant results lasting the length of your day and evening. Afterwards, your makeup washes off easily with a regular cleanser.

If you want a red carpet look for your wedding day, little can improve on this service – and Vicki offers this service at no additional cost.

What is Traditional Makeup Application?

Applied using a sponge or a brush, traditional foundation application provides picture perfect results that are long lasting and beautiful.

Who Chooses Airbrush Makeup Most Often?

Airbrush makeup for Chinese brides in Toronto and GTA

Let's Break Down Those Airbrush Makeup Myths

Myth 1: Airbrush application feels heavier/thicker on skin than regular applied makeup…

Answer:  False.  It actually feels lighter in most cases on the skin compared to traditionally applied makeup because it’s sprayed on to the skin slowly and built up slowly to ensure even coverage. However – and this is an important fact – if your makeup artist is heavy handed applying traditional foundation they will also be heavy handed with the application of airbrush.  Vicki’s belief is to allow her client’s natural beauty to shine through so your application will always look like your real skin only better!

Myth 2: Airbrush application is better than traditionally applied makeup…

Answer:  False. Airbrush makeup is no better or worse than traditionally applied makeup.  Well applied makeup is well applied makeup, period.  So what are the advantages to this type of technology? It is known to have extremely good longevity on the skin and is sweat proof and water proof using the correct formulations. Traditionally applied (using sponge or brush) professional makeup will typically provide you 12 – 15 hours of staying power before breaking down on the skin whereas airbrush applied makeup stays put until you take it off.

Myth 3: Airbrush makeup is just a gimmick…

Answer:  False. This technology has been around for a very long time. It’s not a gimmick. For years, airbrush application was mainly used in the film industry and then quickly became a favourite among makeup artists working in the High Definition TV industry.  The benefit of airbrushing in an HD environment is that the skin is not touched while the makeup is being applied as the product is sprayed on to the face directly. Traditionally applied makeup uses sponges/brushes to apply the foundation on to the skin and that application ‘may‘ leave marks that are visible when viewing on an HD screen.

how do i know if airbrush makeup is right for me?

Bridal makeup using airbrush formulations by Vicki Lea
Makeup applied with an airbrush gun has always been a staple for makeup artists working within the TV and HD sectors of the industry. What was once only given to TV and celebrities Vicki now makes available to all her clientele. It’s an ideal option for brides who choose to have an HD video made of their wedding and for any client who wants to experience red carpet treatment.